Search Engine Optimism

Will I ever be the top position on a Google search? It a question we all ask at some time if we are working with search optimization.

The answer depends on what we want to invest in time, energy, competitive analysis, and of course money. It is not after all a matter of “if” so much as “when”, as long as we understand what we are up against.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a certain degree of optimism, since the world of SEO is fraught with uncontrollable events. When will a search engine index my pages (we can push but we can't control)? How often will updates to my website be viewed as value-added (search engine algorithms)? Is my content equal to the challenge; my meta data superior to my competitor’s (we can make it happen - can your competitors keep up)? Are incoming links as relevant to my keywords in the eyes of Goggle as I had hoped (our research and best practices will certainly make sure they should be)?

Regardless of the unknowns (and the unknowable), there is ample evidence available that a number of quality SEO-targeted and search engine acceptable procedures (site maps and submittals, proper meta content, care in creation of content, keyword and link relevancy to name a few) will force a website to rise in both ranking and search positions. The speed of the rise and the level of the increase are still a matter of some forces outside of our control (unless of course we work at Google!), and for this reason we need to temper all of our work with some wait-and-see, and simple optimism that hard work and quality research will pay off as it has so often before.

Which is why I am a Search Engine Optimist.

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